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Facial Toning Device


What is a Facial Toning Device?

A facial toning device is an electronic stimulation machine designed to cause the nerves of a certain set of muscles to contract and relax rapidly.

The facial toning device, The Facial Toner, has 50 years of medical grade mechanical engineering behind its creation. It has the CE symbol attached meaning that it has met the criteria set forth in Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) and is FDA approved. You can get the results you want with confidence that the machine you are using meets the standards of the medical community.

Many facial toning devices are used in many medical settings such as dermatology and physical therapy clinic, chiropractors and also in many high end spas.


Who is the Facial Toning Device Designed For?

The facial toning device is designed for women and men. There are two models currently available. The white device is designed with women in mind. It works best on smaller framed individuals with smaller, more narrow faces. The black model works best for men or individuals with larger faces with broader cheekbones.

The idea candidate for the Facial Toner Machine will be in good health, free of cancer (especially those with cancerous lesions on their faces), able to feel stimulation (not stimulation sensation impaired), have a healthy heart (no arrhythmia problems) free from diabetes dependent on insulin or having undergone any type of facial surgery. If any of those conditions apply to you, you should consult your doctor before using any type of electronic stimulation device.


What are Alternatives To The Facial Toning Device?

There are some alternatives to using a facial toning device such as microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is designed to exfoliate your skin, basically it rubs off the top layer of skin cells, and stimulates circulation which leads to healthier younger looking skin.

You can also use some topical solutions such as anti aging skin creams to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. These creams, if they have proven anti aging vitamins and enzymes in them, can be very effective for fighting the effects of skin damage due to aging, sun and diet.

While you can find other facial toning devices on the market for less than you will pay for a Facial Toning Machine by Gear Flex, they do not offer the same guarantee nor are they necessarily medical grade equipment certified for your peace of mind.

The Facial Toner Machine sells for $399.00. It includes a rechargeable headset, (this is the delivery system), a handheld controller, a charger, a storage case, 12 sets of medical grade gel pads (which should last for about 3 months of treatments) and an instruction manual.

They come in gender specific styles and Gear Flex offers a discount of $50 to those buyers who wish to purchase two models at the same time. This lowers the cost per device to $375, a much lower cost than many other professional facial toning treatments.

While the cost of the machine might seem high, when compare to other treatments to accomplish the same results it is a bargain. Botox start at upwards of $500 a session and must be repeated every three to four months. Not only is it much more expensive, it is also dangerous, you have to take take out of your life to go get the shots, and it involves needles (can we say ouch?)

Then there are chemical peels which range in the $1000 area, again we are having to make time, it is dangerous and they only last about nine months or so.

And of course there are always surgical facelifts. These are expensive and don’t always deliver the results you are looking for. Any time you have surgery under anesthesia you take a chance of not waking up again. That is why they make you sign all of those waivers before they operate.here Can You Get a Facial Toning Device?

No longer do you have to resort to going out to get an electronic facelift, you can enjoy the massage like beauty treatments from the comfort of your own home.

The most highly recommended facial toning device has got to be the Facial Toner Machine by Gear Flex. With their 2 year warranty and 100% money back full sixty day guarantee, you have the opportunity to get the results you are looking for with confidence!

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