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Facial Toner Review


What Are People Saying About the Facial Toner System?

Here are a collection of reviews from people who have gotten great results using the Facial Toner machine. We will also look at some of the critical comments made by facelift surgeons and offer some speculation about why they would comment that way.

Pam gives her Facial Toner Review:

I have been looking at this for several months – wondering if it will work. I like you have taken very good care of my body throughout the years as well. However, I will be 65 this year and having sagging issues. Wonder if this will work for me.

further comments:

I have used it now for ten sessions and am beginning to see a difference. I will continue and comment again.

Kristin Kinder ‘s Facial Toner Review:

I got this about two weeks ago. From the first time I used it I have seen really good results. I’ve used it daily since. I am 43 and couldn’t get the tightening I wanted from creams or other treatments. The product seems to plump up my skin, taking years off where loosening skin seemed to age me. I’ve tried Venus treatments at $200+ a session at my Derm. office and think this works just as well. It’s easy to use. No lotions needed. It fits my face and while I do computer work I have it on for the 20 minute session.

Looking over at answers.com I saw several derogatory remarks made by people about the efficacy of using electrotherapy to plump up the facial muscles. The single thing they all had in common was that they were cosmetic surgeons! Of course they aren’t going to want people to find a way to tone, tighten and firm up their faces without paying them for a facelift.

But really, why spend the thousands of dollars, and take the risks associated with a surgical facelift when you can get an electronic facelift, in the comfort of your own home with out any risk?

Sure there are some creams and lotions that can help you minimize lines and wrinkles, however to see serious long term results you need to strengthen and tighten the muscles that lay just under and are attached to the skin of your face.

Unlike the muscles in the rest of your body, your facial muscles are not attached to bone. As we age the muscles start to lose their firmness and causes our skin to sag along with them. Electronic stimulation helps increase the blood flow to the muscles and skin as well as stimulating the muscles in the face to contract. In essence the Facial Toner machine forces  your facial muscles to exercise without you having to actively participate.

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what Side Effect Are There?

Most people do not experience any side effects as the Facial Toner machine is extremely safe to use. They are FDA approved devices and employ the same type of technology that is often used in skin care clinics and high end spas.

You will find many of these electro-therapy machines in physical therapy clinics, chiropractors offices and, as mentioned above, high end spas/resorts around the world.

The most common side effects that are reported are when the gel pads are not attached properly to the skin. When the pads do not have sufficient contact with the skin the nerves of a small area are stimulated and may cause skin irritation, redness and some discomfort in that area. To avoid this risk, make sure that the gel pads are always attached properly to the skin before beginning a session with this device and make sure to incrementally step up the stimulation so that if there is a problem you will notice it before an issue occurs.

Knowing what to expect when you use a Facial Toner Machine will help you identify if you are experiencing a normal session or need to make adjustments.  Most people who use the device report that they experience a tingling sensation around their eyes and mouth first. As the intensity increases they will feel tightening in other areas of their face around the nose and cheeks. The most common description is that it feels like they are getting a facial message.

Because the Facial Toner Machine by Gear Flex has such a great guarantee, you can try this device in the comfort of your own home, get the results you are looking for with confidence.

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