Facial Muscle Toner


What Are Facial Muscle Toners?

Facial muscle toner devices are medical grade equipment that have two pre-positioned pads that circulate a mild current that stimulates these nerve branches in your face: Temporal, Zygomatic, Buccal and Mandibular.

The unique construction of Facial Toner Machine features two pre-positioned, medical-grade Gel Pads. The signals from Facial Toner Machine reach out to underlying nerves, which control the facial muscles. Facial Toner Machine delivers to multiple nerves of the face, (not just those under the pads). [FacialToner.com]

Though there is electric current involved in this process the facial muscle toner is quite safe to operate. It comes with a CE symbol which certifies that the Facial Toner meets the Medical Device Directive number 93/42/EEC. You can be confident when you use the Facial Toner knowing that it has been cleared by the FDA to deliver medical grade results you can depend on.

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The rechargeable headset comes in male and female designs, though you can share a headset, it has been shown that having the correct device for your gender does tend to produce better results.


Do Facial Toners Really Work?

They totally work! By stimulating the nerves that surround the expression muscles they improve the blood circulation and plump up the muscles that lay just under the surface of the skin.

The Facial Toner’s patented design delivers gentle yet effective stimulation of all the nerves that control the muscles involved in creating facial expressions resulting in a message like feeling that rejuvenates your face stripping away years of aging in only 20 minutes a day.

You are in total control. There are 99 different levels of intensity at your fingertips allowing you to customize each treatment session to match your current level of comfort and allows you to adapt your treatments as time goes by.


What Does It Feel Like to Use The Facial Toner Machine?


The first time you use the Facial Toner  Machineyou will notice a tingling feeling around the mouth and eyes. The feeling is pleasant and noticeable. As the mild pulsing continue you should start to notice some tightening in key areas of  your face, like your cheeks, mouth and around your eyes. The sensation is similar to a message as all of your facial muscles receive the soothing and effective electro-therapy stimulation.


How Does It Work?

The idea behind the technology of the Facial Toner Machine is that they work because your facial muscles are attached to your skin rather than to your skull. This leads to skin sagging over time and forming wrinkles.

The idea is that the Facial Toner Machine exercises the facial muscles causing them to tighten up and become firm again. The face’s normal muscle movements are mimicked by the electronic stimulation, gently activating the muscles so they regain their bulk. The slight vibration felt is usually found to be pleasant; there is no pain involved in this treatment at all.

The Facial Toner Machine is a natural and fast way to get similar results that one would expect from a facelift or Botox injections. Most people experience firmer muscles around the mouth, forehead, cheeks, jaw and even the eyes. The boost in muscle volume makes the skin appear tighter and firmer and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. You could even call it an electric current facelift!


Best Facial Muscle Toner


The best facial muscle toner on the market today is made by Flex Gear. State of the art electronic muscle stimulation technology backed by 50 years of medical equipment design experience has produced this quality facial muscle stimulation device.

The muscles of the face are gently toned through a series of electrotherapy treatments. Each treatment helps the muscles to contract in a natural manner exercising the muscles used for expression hundreds of times each session.

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The Facial Toner emits low level and safe currents through proprietary gel covered pads that fit comfortably onto your face. This current stimulates the nerves that join in front of the ears, then travels out to the connection nerves that cause the muscles around the eyes, mouth, lips, check and nose to contract.

The contractions and affect are similar to doing many yoga facial exercises, though it would take a lot longer to do each of these exercises hundreds of times than the 20 minutes, five times a week that will get you results with the Facial Toner machine.

Reprogramming the facial muscles by these gentle pulses the device helps the muscles to regain their more youthful shape. In addition to shaping and toning the muscles, the pulses also stimulate blood flow which improves over all skin appearance leaving it smooth and radiant.

Before Facial Toner machines by Gear Flex came on the market, one could only find microcurrent technology being used in spas or specialty clinics. No longer do you have to make appointments and tie up your day with trips to the spa! You can experience this amazing treatment in the comfort of your own home.




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