facial toner machine

Facial Toner Machine


What Is a Facial Toner Machine?


Who doesn’t want to look their best? To look younger?
It’s noticeable – it’s rejuvenating!
I feel like I just got back from vacation.
It’s like a long term spa treatment
These are some of the comments people make who have experienced the gentle, relaxing treatments of the Facial Toner machine.

What Is Included?

The Facial Toner machine is a medical grade device shaped as a headset, much like headphones in design. The point where there would be speakers on a headphone headset there are instead replaceable gel pads that are used to deliver  electrotherapy stimulation to the nerves responsible for operating the facial muscles.

There is a hand held controller that operates the headset. The controller allows for the selection of three level of treatment and up to 99 selections for intensity of the treatment you choose.

The Facial Toner machine comes with one headset, a hand held controller, 12 sets of medical quality gel pads (this is about a 3 month supply), a charger unit, a carrying case and an instruction manual.

It is recommended that if you intend to share this device between two people you should order an extra set of gel pads when you place your initial order. You can get more gel pads by clicking here and then look under the common questions section for replacement pads.

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Who should use the Facial Toner Machine

Designed for both men and women, each gender has a device with their specific facial structure taken into consideration. While it is possible to share one device between both genders best results are obtained when you use the machine that was designed for your specific gender.

If you choose to use one machine between two people of the opposite sex be aware that you will need to replace the gel pads much more frequently. That is why it is suggested that you purchase an extra set with your initial order.

As an incentive, if you order two Facial Toner machines you will be entitled to a $50 discount at the time of purchase.


What Kind of Guarantee Is There?

All Facial Toner Machines come with a two year warranty against mechanical failure so long as the machine has been operated in accordance with the instructions given in the manual that comes standard with each machine.

This very fair warranty covers defects in manufacture that arise from correct use of the product in accordance with the product manual and instructions. In the unlikely event that a problem should occur with your Facial Toner , please contact the seller on Amazon
Please note that the warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, misuse, accident, modification, moisture, extreme heat or cold, corrosive environments, high voltage surges from external sources or an unsuitable power supply, or to any product with an altered or defaced serial number. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on the Gel Pads. Unless your Facial Toner didn’t work when you first received it, you will be responsible for the cost of returning the product for your replacement. We recommend that you use a carrier that will track your shipment and insure your product’s safe delivery. We cannot accept any returns sent C.O.D. [FacialToner.com common questions]


There is also a 100% money back 60 day guarantee. If you are not one hundred percent satisfied with your Facial Toner machine, return it no questions asked.* Nothing should stop you from enjoying  spa like facial treatments designed to tone, tighten and firm your face while smoothing out lines and wrinkles in the privacy and comfort of your home!


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